The first Brighton Music Conference attracts 5000 electronic music fans and industry players from around the world

Over 5000 people attended the inaugural Brighton Music Conference at Brighton Dome and various venues around the town this past weekend. The UK’s first business and education conference for electronic music attracted attendees from around the world with dance music fans and industry bigwigs flying in from Australia, San Francisco, India, Mexico, Norway, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Berlin to attend BMC’s schedule of panels, talks, technology launches and parties.


Brighton Music Conference: speakers, panelists & exhibitors announced

Inward investment in electronic music is at an all time high currently as brands, companies and investors look to capitalise on the perceived explosion of this crazy new youth movement. The Americans have rebranded it ‘EDM’, but for anyone who knows dance music of course, that hashtag friendly acronym somewhat devalues the lengthy grass roots of the scene and the steady quarter of a century of self-evolution that dance music has gone through.


Brighton Music Conference: the UK’s first major electronic music conference

It is remarkable, bizarre even, that the UK has never had an official electronic music business conference. Considering the UK’s long legacy and contributions to global dance music culture – just think of all the amazing labels, DJs, artists, brands, nightclubs, festivals, and genres that have originated from this country – it is quite the scandal.

Thankfully that will all change in 2014. Brighton Music Conference (BMC), set to take place at the beautiful Brighton Dome venue on April 11 and 12 2014, is the UK’s first annual electronic music conference.

BMC will feature a one day trade conference for electronic music business professionals, and a two day expo of technology and ideas for aspiring DJs and producers. The trade conference will be strictly capped to 250 attendees to maintain intimacy and to foster a networking friendly environment.

I am more than happy to be running the PR and branding campaign for BMC. Already DJ Magazine, Mixmag, Music Week, Above & Beyond, PRS For Music, John ’00′ Fleming, and Dave Clarke are onboard, and we have some amazing things planned for the first year of BMC. It will start small, but you can bet that considering the UK is a major powerhouse for dance music, the conference will soon become a must visit annual event for anyone involved in electronic music in Europe.

How to get signed to a top DJ booking agency

I’ve just written another major blog post for JustGo Music, entitled ‘How To Get Signed To A Top DJ Booking Agency‘.

The blog post is very detailed, and features interviews with three respected and experienced DJ booking agents: Sam Slade, Founder of Colluded Talent, Ryan Saltzman, Partner & Senior Agent at The Bullitt Agency, and Alejandro Montoya, Founder of Magnum Bookings.

Read the full blog post here.


How to get signed by top record labels

I recently wrote an extensive blog piece for JustGo Music, called How To Get Signed By Top Record Labels.

For the in-depth feature I interviewed four prominent label executives from across the dance music industry: Leon Oakey, a label manager for a network of underground house and techno imprints, Ralf Kollmann who runs Berlin-based techno label/agency Mobilee, Andy Daniell, A&R Manager at top UK house label Defected, and Gina Tucci, Head of A&R at Big Beat, the dance division of Atlantic Records.

Read the full blog post here.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 15.23.06

Thank you, Parintele Iosif

I love film making. I love making people laugh, cry, or dance. When I approach a video, in all honesty, the only thing I want is to create an emotional connection with the audience. To move someone at the other end of line, is the challenge that motivates every shot, every frame, every cut. Everything comes back to the emotion. I want to move people, and make them feel the feelings that I feel, when I look at the world around me, be that a remarkable DJ set, a raving crowd, a beautiful sunset, a gorgeous human being, or a flicker of a moment of a tiny split second.

Visionquest Thirteen

I produced this video for the launch of Visionquest Thirteen, the 2013 world tour of the Visionquest collective: Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves, and Ryan Crosson.

The project began life last summer in Ibiza, when Seth Troxler asked me to lens the Visionquest party at DC10. The event was so surreal, that it inspired me to create a twisted short film.

Originally posted on YouTube, however I just had to embed the full quality Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 17.34.45

Artist known as SIS now managed by Terry Church

One of underground house’s most exciting producers – the Berlin-based DJ and live act known as SIS – is now being managed by Terry Church.

SIS previously has been named Producer of the Year (2008) by Germany’s Groove Magazine, who also awarded him Track of the Year that year for his club hit ‘Nesrib’.

SIS was the first artist besides Ricardo Villabos to release a track on the Chilean’s hot vinyl label Sei Es Drum, with the magnificent cut ‘Trompeta’. Raveline Mag have also previously named SIS their ‘Newcomer of the Year’.

Terry Church has been working closely with SIS on the launch of his new album ‘Confidance’ (due for release April 17 2013), and is currently masterminding the launch of SIS’ new party concept CIRCLE in Ibiza this summer.

How to dance to dance music (EDM)

A dance music comedy video for JustGo Music. Written/directed/shot by Terry Church.

JustGo Music launches free marketing & social media tools for DJs

The London-based start up that I work for – JustGo Music – has just launched a whole suite of marketing and social media tools for DJs, producers and electronic music label owners.

There’s a Publisher tool that helps you schedule and manage posts to Facebook & Twitter – critical if you want to build a big engaged online fanbase.

There’s an Upload tool that allows you to simultaneously upload music to Soundcloud and YouTube at the same time (it will even convert your audio file and image into a playable YouTube clip!).

The Competitions tool will help you build a big downloadable email database of fans.

And last but not least, you can see Stats for all of your social media channels in one place. Track followers and growth on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud & Youtube.

Sign up for your free account at: